Digital Marketing efforts during the crisis – tips to help you.

We have prepared a set of tips for you to apply to your digital marketing efforts during the crisis situations.

We at Digital Aquila – Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts, believe that sometimes it is well easier to define what your business needs to do while having a set of tips to follow and based further strategy upon.

  1. Don’t bypass “E-mail Marketing” Advantage

Use Human Sounding Emails

When your customers receive your email, they should feel these emails come from a person, not AI. You should add clear and simple call-to-action to your email contents like they come from a person. Use clear calls-to-action and simple language. Your email contents should show how your brand takes care of the customers and try to find a better solution for them.

Your emails should be “Helpful”

Because of all complexities going around, people feel anxious and overwhelmed. Your emails should provide supportive recommendations about the problems they may be experiencing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They can need advises more than ever.

Do not send “Sell” messages

As a business owner, you seek to sell your inventory, but you shouldn’t send messages pushing the products you want to sell to your target audience. Instead, you can find out your customers’ priority needs and provide products or services to meet the demand. Use campaign slogans such as “We are here and ready to provide what you need now!”

Find the “Correct Words” for the right message to right customers at the right time

Since people may be expected to be more anxious, stressful, or depressed during the pandemic, you should find the right words for your marketing content. Some words such as “staycation” can be irritating.

Be more creative

You can provide “offers” for essential products and services needed more. Free shipping or delivery, online service options, and discounts can help both your customers and brand reputation.

Check Automated emails

You should check all automated programs scheduled before the crisis, such as transaction messages, reminders, and triggered emails.

  • Welcome series

Don’t forget to add links to welcome emails that point people to your response or FAQ.

  • Post-purchase

You can turn off some or all after-purchase emails, depending on your industry.

  • Don’t forget to turn your old campaigns back on

You should schedule and plan to restart your automated emails again when the pandemic is over.

Treasure Customers’ Feedback

Ask your customers what they need and expect from your side during the pandemic. They may give to the best business advice!

Keep it short and valuable

The messages you want to give should be short and understandable. In other words, you should think through all the ways people will interpret it. Finally, provide clear value.

Be more “Transparent” with your all marketing process

You should be transparent with your supply chain, production, distribution, and sales processes more than ever. People want to make sure if the products and services your company provides are clean and safe for their health. You should make them feel safe and calm. Also, there has been a lot of delay in shipping and handling. Give your customers accurate information about inventory or shipping and let them know the information they see on your website is both accurate and up-to-date. You can mention that you constantly update the information on your website in your marketing messages.

Improve your “Social Media”

  • Social media will be both a tool for relieving boredom and a window to the world for many people who stay at home in this process.
  • Make sure all your information is up to date. Look for ways to color your social media profiles and news feeds.
  • Share consistent content that keeps you and your brand in mind but also meets the needs of your audience.
  • You need to get more social 
  • Engage in conversations with your existing customers through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Create a low-cost plan for reaching customers at every point in the social media funnel.
  • Use these tools to listen to your customers, hear what they’re talking about, learn more about your market.
  • Don’t forget, it isn’t about advertising – your contributions to the conversation needs to be valuable and appropriate.
  • Optimize your “Digital World”

Now is the time to make sure that you are actively using all digital platforms (blog, website, social media accounts, etc.) that you own or take part in. You should review your SEO and B2B strategies to provide content that you have already used. Also, update all your old information. In short, focus on optimizing your digital spaces by realizing that you should reach your customers using digital media. You should get even more visible in front of your potential clients

  • Embrace Marketing Automation

To put it shortly, marketing automation is software that automates marketing communication processes for you. This software is used to organize your marketing activities and to determine your priorities. It supports you in getting maximum performance from marketing communication and lower your cost. It shortens your decision-making processes and enables you to make data-driven decisions, send out personalized, contextualized and targeted messages to customers and prospects who want to hear your news.

It is especially important for businesses that can’t currently rely on outside, face-to-face sales efforts is the most impactful way to remain top of mind and relevant in today’s COVID-19 environment.

  • Review all automated marketing content and campaigns.
  • Review the language of the messages you will send, the visual content you use, the entire message you want to send to your target audience, and make it suitable for pandemic requirements.
  • In this process, you can cancel or pause some campaigns.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud users should review all current campaigns they designed in the marketing tools they use, redesign customer journeys and automation and test them using A/B tests more carefully.

How can Digital Aquila help you?

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