What is the process?

“How can I help ensure my emails are being delivered?” The simplest question in email marketing might also be the one with the most complicated answer. Digital Aquila can help you to make sure your e-mail reaches your customer inbox! Always!

Our unique approach to ip-warm up and deliverability improvement includes:

  • Detailed step-by-step plan
  • Subscriber data clean-up
  • E-mails pre-send check to exclude “bad” addresses
  • Continues e-mail and subscriber reporting
  • 360 degrees reporting and insight into each send
  • Unsubscribe process improvement and alignment
  • Bounce management
  • Content clean-up
  • ISPs alignment and management
  • And more…

We guarantee that introducing and implementing our deliverability improvement methodology your IP and Domain will be highly rated among the most popular ISPs.

What are the benfits?

Reach more customers

Email deliverability is how you measure the success of your emails reaching the inbox without bouncing or being marked as spam. If you have issues with high bounces, flagging spam filters, or low engagement, you may have email deliverability issues.

Keep SCORE high

There are a lot of obstacles placed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in order to protect their users’ inboxes from spammers and harmful content. And depending on your sender reputation, you may be considered one of them.  We help to keep your score HIGH!

Don't end up being junk

The data also indicated that things were great for the marketers with best scores. Businesses with sender scores of 99-100 had just 2 percent of messages land in junk folders.

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