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B2B Marketing Automaton with Pardot

We can provide quality and affordable Pardot marketing automation consulting.

We have extensive experience and truly enjoy working with Pardot and all the features it offers.

Pardot is a feature rich marketing automation solution now part of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Pardot integration with CRM

After the 2013 Salesforce acquisition Pradot product offering continues to strengthen its integration with Salesforce CRM and offer new exsiting features to automate your B2B marketing automation. We love working with it and helping clients with Pardot consulting services.

Pardot or Marketing Cloud?

We commonly being asked “do we need Pardot or Marketing Cloud?”. We believe Salesforce Pardot offers an optimal combination of features, ease of use and price for small medium size businesses. Whereas, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a more complex tool, but it offers unprecedented level of functionality.


  • Easy to use
  • Lead Scoring feature
  • Smaller scale targeted campaigns
  • Easy dynamic rules
  • 100% UI based


  • Complex Tool
  • Programming language: AMPScript
  • SQL queries and SSJS
  • Can be used to deliver the most complex solutions
  • Can be used for B2B and B2C

Pardot quick start packs

How can we help?

Our team of certified Pardot consultants, realises that success is a journey not a destination. We see the implementation of Pardot as a set of building blocks to create an optimised experience, delivering outstanding outcomes. It’s a way of getting more out of your Salesforce Platform.

With the right strategy and partner, you can identify, track and influence your prospective customers early in the sales cycle and empower your sales team with marketing created campaigns and content on-demand.

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