How to find out the most active senders in organization using Marketing Cloud

Written by Digital Aquila team – Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts from Washington D.C.

Many organizations where multiple consultant companies and agencies send emails, need to control users who send emails (so called job performers) and what emails are sent by a particular user.

There is no report, which allows us to find it out.

What is often required is to generate the report who has sent emails for the last 3 months or so, and how many email jobs have been performed by a user.

The nearest solution to answer this question is to use the _Job system data view.

Among other fields, there is  a field AccountUserID

NameDescriptionDataTypeData Extension Data TypeNullable
JobIDThe job ID number for the email sendintNumber 
EmailIDThe email ID for the jobintNumberX
AccountIDThe ID number for the account that performed the jobintNumberX
AccountUserIDThe ID number for the account user that performed the jobintNumberX

AccountUserID is the ID number for the account user that performed the job.

Every user has its own AccountUserId, but where you can find it?

If you go to the user admin screen, you can’t find any AccountUserId there.

The way we can able to find out the AccountUserId is to use the following SOAP call:

<s:Envelope xmlns:s=”” xmlns:a=”” xmlns:xsi=””>




<s:Body xmlns:xsi=”” xmlns:xsd=””>

  <RetrieveRequestMsg xmlns=””>







     <QueryAllAccounts>true</QueryAllAccounts> // to enable child accounts





















The Response to this call will give us the full information about each user

 <Results xsi:type=”AccountUser”>




                <PartnerKey xsi:nil=”true” />











                <ObjectID xsi:nil=”true” />






So now you have all details needed to align users, user_ids and user’s email address in order to build a report that would tell you what users is the most active sender in your instance.

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