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It is quite clear that we will experience unprecedented economic and social changes in our lives in 2020 in a magnitude similar to the great depression or the world wars. Unfortunately, in weeks, billions of people around the globe have witnessed the dramatic change in their professional and personal lives.

The Corona Virus, also known as the COVID-19, Pandemic has suddenly put breaks on all businesses with the “social distancing” requirements, travel bans, stay at home orders, and forced closings of non-essential businesses. The projections indicate that it will take a lot of time before things will get back to normal. Small and large companies have to quickly adapt to this new reality and find innovative ways to continue operating or survive. So, what’s the best marketing strategy during an unprecedented worldwide pandemic?

As marketing professionals and business owners, we need to act proactively to find alternatives to traditional methods and take advantage of new opportunities. We should be aware that our public relations and marketing strategies will not function as usual during this time since people are anxious, nervous, and even in panic. During such a crisis, people focus on their health and well-being more than anything. Giving the crashing stock markets, exploding unemployment, and the increasing uncertainty, consumers’ approach to spending has drastically changed.

What can we do as marketers and business owners?

The first step is to analyze the physical and psychological conditions of consumers you are trying to convince to buy/use their products or services (target audience).

As Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly, brands and their marketing teams should proactively develop the right marketing strategies according to new market conditions. Given the daily changing economic and legal environment, companies need to adjust their communication tones considering new circumstances and the psychological needs of their target audiences. This adjustment is very critical to ensure that companies don’t damage their brand reputation and keep their customers updated on their products and services.


During the crisis, the very first thing to do is to adapt and get the right communication out.

Here are some important points to take care while creating your contents during the crisis:

1. Adjust the “tone” of your communication contents correctly

  • Adjust your language to the situation

Marketers should use a positive and calming tone and avoid edgy humor, technical and legal speak on their contents. You should express your empathy and concerns about what your customers experience nowadays

  • Sound like a “Human”, not “AI”

Send message indicates you take care of your customers and employees’ safety and well-being, don’t sound patronizing or just focused on selling your products.

It is time to be more “human” with your content.

  • Don’t sound pessimistic, Use optimistic language

You should use a calming and optimistic tone in your content. People need to hear hopeful messages to ease their fears and concerns. You can use your experiences and the ways how you handle problems during crises.

  • Pay Attention to Images and Language

The more important the words used in the communication message we designed, the more important the visuals we use in our contents. For this reason, the brands should pay attention to the language and visuals they use in their communication content.

For example, when a crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic is considered, attention should be paid to:

  • Avoid using images that are crowded or in contact with people. This includes people who work in offices or social gatherings outside the home.
  • The marketing language that defines close interaction should be avoided. A metaphorically expressive language such as “communicate”, “work hand in hand” or “approach customers” should never be used, and messages that encourage instant interaction should be examined in depth.
  • Add Video contents Into the Sales Process

    The integration of video content into the communication contents used in the sales or service process will send your customers or potential customers a more warm and sincere message. It will also make the customer experience higher quality. In an environment where almost everyone starts to work from home, the content, where the visuality is brought to the fore and the customer experience is saturated, positively affects your brand image and increases your sales. You may consider using video marketing tools such as Animoto, VideoScribe, Loom, or Biteable.

2. Be informative and provide necessary updates

You should provide useful information and quick updates on the crisis to your customers. It is critical to let your target audience if there is any change in your business.

Be aware of that practical updates provide a sense of stability.

When situations change, a further update throughout the crisis keeps your customers in the know. The updates which are significant for your business and customers might be as follows:

  • Location closures or hours of operation
  • Limits on customers who can visit a location
  • Changes in the availability of high-demand products
  • Online and home delivery options
  • Refund and cancellation policies
  • What your company is doing to support workers who might not be able to go to work such as service workers
  • Postponement of events

3. Don’t express “pandemic” on your content. Try to take people’s minds off the stress.

4. Prefer simple subject lines and preheaders not capitalizing negativities.

That’s it folks.

Good luck and stay safe.

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