SAP or Private Domain?

SAP or Private Domain? Quite often we hear that questions.

Let us clarify what is the different between the two.

What is private domain?

Private Domains allow you to send mail from an authenticated domain (including SPF, Sender ID, Domain Keys and DKIM).

A private domain is used as an authentication tool. A Private Domain that is purchased separately for sending is an authenticated domain for use in the FROM address only.

Domain that is purchased separately for sending is an authenticated domain for use in the FROM address only. It is set up either via a User or Sender Profile, and this type of Private Domain DOES NOT include link or image-wrapping. It has an MX record, SPF/Sender ID and DKIM/Domain Keys.

What is SAP?

The Sender Authentication Package in Email Studio provides a collection of products designed to help ensure your email messages reach the inboxes of the intended recipients

  • Private Domain – This product assigns a domain used to send email. This domain acts as the From address for your email sends. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud will authenticate your email sends using the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Sender ID, and DomainKeys/DKIM authentication.
  • Account Branding – The Salesforce Marketing Cloud will brand your account with your chosen authenticated domain. This product modifies link and image wrapping and removes all references to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud in favor of your authenticated domain.
  • Dedicated IP Address – This product assigns a unique IP address to your account. All email sent from your account via the Salesforce Marketing Cloud will use this IP address. This IP address represents the majority of your sending reputation.
  • Reply Mail Management – This product controls the replies you receive from your subscribers. You can assign filters for out-of-office messages and manual unsubscribe requests.

SAP helps your subscribers identify with your brand and increases awareness of your brand. To purchase the SAP collection of features and help increase the deliverability of your email messages, contact your relationship manager.

Please note: while an account within Marketing Cloud can support only 1 SAP for branding purposes, there can be multiple domains in an account.

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