Marketing journeys best practices

What are Marketing Journeys?

Marketing automation emails, sms, push messages (or any other channel messages) that are sent as part of customer journeys are based off triggers and events and defined by an email marketing tool. When each customer takes a specific action, a marketing automation tool will send that customer a relevant message that you designed for your client.

What is the purpose of Marketing Journeys?

The purpose is marketing automation. Journeys help to reduce the effort from marketing team, at the same time enhancing experience of the customer by providing customized content specific to the customer, by leveraging of all the data sources available to have 360 degree view of customers their activities.

Why Marketers use journeys?

According to TFM&A’s 2014 marketing automation report, the top three reasons marketers use automation is:

  • It takes repetitive tasks out of their hands (36%)
  • It helps improve customer targeting (30%)
  • It helps improve customer experience (10%)

How effective journeys are?

Well, we know that every $1 spent on email marketing produces $44 in return, however, what you don’t know is, 58% of adults wake up and immediately check their email as well as 59% of B2B marketers report email is their best revenue-generating channel. Journeys send comms automatically, enhancing increasing your revenues while you sleep.

What are the best practices?

Please watch the below video we have prepared for you.

Who can help?

We can, we have built over 1000 marketing cloud journeys since we started, we have the technical expertise and can provide industry specific marketing knowledge.