Social Customer Service Solution powered by Salesforce

Social Customer Service Solution powered by Salesforce

While sales and marketing remain the key focus area for organizations, customer service forms the pillar for the 360 view of customer experience. Salesforce has great array of products including sales and service cloud including marketing cloud. However, the acquisition of radian6 adds to another significant offering to cater to social domain i.e. social studio.

A complete social customer service offers the power of social listening coupled with an integrated service cloud solution. Integration of service cloud and social studio allows service agents to communicate and respond to cases created through social channel.

A social customer service solution offered by Salesforce requires the following components:

  1. Social Studio – Enable Publish, engage and analyse social listening across brand channels
  2. Social Automate – Automate the process to filter the social content and create cases.
  3. Service cloud – Assignment, resolution and reporting of social cases to deliver exceptional customer service.

Having implemented dozens of social customer service for some large enterprises, our  : view of social customer service is highlighted below:

Social studio Setup –  Capturing the social conversation, engage and analyse all social channels at one place.

  • Workspace set up: Setting up required workspaces in social studio, and assigning user profiles and social accounts, is the primeval step of a social studio configuration.
  • Social Accounts: Adding social accounts to the social studio org, to ensure client can publish and engage with their own social channels and view engagement data.
  • Topic profiles and keywords: Set up Topic profiles and keywords is required to capture relevant conversations happening across the social channels for the brand. This could be further leveraged to create lead or cases for the organizations.
  • Social listening summary – Leverage analyse to create dashboard and reports to capture and report on social listening trends, across channels and over period of time.

Social Automate Config: Process social requests automatically, by sending through to Salesforce Service Cloud for quicker response.

  • Data Sources: Configuration of inbound data sources from Social Studio based on social accounts or topic profiles, to be used in rules.
  • Rules Actions and Conditions: Create rules to identify and filter posts, comments across channels to be pushed to service cloud as case or lead based on the desired criteria.
  • Service Cloud Connection: Connection of Social Studio to designated Salesforce Service Cloud Org.

Configuration of service cloud – Power of service cloud to fuel social channel – respond, resolve , report and a lot more.

  • Social Account Set up : Add Social Accounts to Social Customer Service, to ensure all the social accounts are added and active.
  • Assign Social Handles: Assign Social Accounts to desired Permission Sets, this is required to confirm social account access is restricted to desired users.
  • Social Post Approvals: Set up Approval Process for outbound social posts (if required), triggers an approval process before an outbound response is made to the case.
  • Social Action Interface: Set up the Social Action Interface and edit object layouts for cases and leads including the page layouts. Remember that default social actions are available within case and objects.
  • Social Object Setup: Configure of page layouts for social posts and social personas, Social objects and desired fields are visible within Service Cloud.
  • Service Agent console: In order for support agents to respond to social casesConfiguration of social objects within Agent Console is required. Agent Console contains all of the required social posts actions.

Configuration and design elements mentioned in the article, forms the bare bone of a successful social studio and service cloud integration. Salesforce solution offers a lot more feature and benefits to organization, to uncover the complete benefits of Salesforce social ecosystem, talk to one of our social experts. Please leave your comments, questions or feedback for us to improve.