Contact’s that are not associated with any channel

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Contact Builder studio gives an easy access to contact data contained within your account and the relationships designed to help you to use that data.

Moreover, contacts Counts report in marketing cloud allows you to obtain the total billable count of contacts in your business unit.

With Contact builder you can get all subscriber information within the Contacts framework, including an All Contacts view and Contact Detail, a cross-channel view of a single person and associated information.

A number of contacts in the Contact builder are not associated with any channel and some of them even do not have an email address in the Contact builder.

To reduce the license cost it is recommended to delete these contacts, especially if the business unit uses just one email channel.

The process explained

The automation consists of the following components:

  1. “Search for contacts with no email address” component has been implemented as a SSJS script embracing the following REST API call

The payload of the REST API call looks like one below


    “request”: {

        “attributes”: [


                “key”: “Contact.Contact Key”



    “conditionSet”: {

        “operator”: “And”,

        “conditionSets”: [],

        “conditions”: [{

            “attribute”: {

                “key”: “Email Addresses.Email Address”


            “operator”: “IsNull”,

            “value”: {}




The header part includes Content-Type= application/Json

  1. JSON result is parsed using the following function – Platform.Function.ParseJSON(result). The Contact key obtained after parsing the result is placed into the data extension.
  2. The final step is the REST API call to delete contacts based on specified list reference value. This operations runs asynchronously.

    The operation itself and the REST API call is described in the following article

This asynchronous process places the deletion call in a queue for processing. The queue processes only one deletion call at a time, and each process can take several hours to complete.

This process that can run in parallel with e-mail validation, can really make a different at the bottom line

We can optimize your costs

For some of our clients, we managed to delete up to 10% of contacts, that never had a single Chanel of contact.

We can help you to optimize your Salesforce Marketing Cloud operational costs.

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