The business case for automated email validation process

Are you growing your subscribers base? Do you have double-opt in process in place? I hope you do!

Why? Because up to 15%* of e-mail addresses entering the system are invalid (nonexistent, inactive, syntax is wrong etc) The bad news is that most of the businesses mindlessly ingest subscribers into their all subscribers.

It results in high bounce rate, it results in lower deliverability and ultimately result in losing thousands of dollars from missed opportunities. Remember, each e-mail sent brings up to $40.00** in revenues, that’s if e-mail reached the subscriber.

Now, is there solution to it? Yes, there is! We’ve got it. Read on. 

How it works today

Marketing cloud has in-built functionality that during the import process of contact with email address filters out all invalid email addresses and places them into an error log file on FTP server.

The error log file name is hard to find among hundreds of other files in the Import folder. The name of a sendlog name is meaningless and has no correlation with a name of the main file imported to a data extension.  

The content of the error log file is not user friendly and it is hard to read:

The error log file is not used by a customer and a customer has no feedback about the quality of their data stored in their CRM system.

The proposed Digital Aquila solution

We have developed a custom templated automated solution that we call “email validation solution” It will be based on an Automation that run’s daily and works in the background. It makes sure that no-invalid e-mails will end-up in All Subscribers.

Additionally, all invalid e-mails are extracted into a report and an optional notification to a contact owner is sent, telling that e-mail address needs to be verified.

Customer Benefits

1.    Better understanding of customer data quality (percentage of customers with invalid emails)

2.    Keep email data clean in your CRM, based on SFMC data extract

3.    Conversion of customers with invalid email addresses to full scale commercial customers

4.    Increase deliverability and open rate after validating email addresses in CRM

5.    Generation of additional revenue engaging customers with valid invalid email addresses.

As a result every invalid email address in customer database is identified, contact owner is notified, report with invalid e-mails is available for management to use.

Remember, every invalid e-mail address is a lost opportunity and thousands of dollars gone to your competitor. 

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