Einstein Engagement Scoring – improves your ROI.

From the 1st  of November 2017 Einstein Engagement Scoring is included with Corporate and Enterprise Edition of Salesforce Marketing Cloud or available as an addon purchase of Pro Edition of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

For customers that purchased a Corporate or Enterprise Edition prior to October the 10t 2017 Einstein Engagement Scoring is available at no additional cost upon acceptance of an order form with additional terms related to Einstein.

Contact us or your account representative for details or get in touch with us for any assistance.

We at Digital Aquila have an extensive experience using Einstein Engagement Scoring and introducing Einstein into existing journey mapping, which increases the effectiveness of communication, drives engagement and increases the ROI from each e-mail send.

Using Einstein completely revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers, the rich analytical engine analyses the engagement of your subscribers over period of time and identify the most loyal customers.

For example Einstein Engagement Scoring assigns subscribers to one of four personas based on their likelihood to open an email or click a link.

  • Loyalists: Subscribers with high open and click engagement.
  • Winback/Dormant: Subscribers with low open and click engagement.
  • Window Shoppers: Subscribers with high open and low click engagement.
  • Selective Subscribers: Subscribers with low open and high click engagement.

Introducing Engagement Scoring into your journeys gives you an edge and positions you well ahead of competition. Based on our observation less than 5% of all e-mail marketers use engagement scoring in their journeys.

For more information get in touch with us: support@sfmctoolbox.com