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Thinking on how to:

  • Increase your social media presence – In the digital age, to use social as a key channel to communicate with your customers and get your brand known on the internet.
  • Provide social customer service – Using keywords, classifiers, and language detection ensure that agents receive actionable posts to work the right issues in the right way.
  • Improve social listening – Listen and respond to customers across a variety of social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

DigitalAquila social experts

DigitalAquila social experts can help you with all of that, our social team has years of experience implementing salesforce Social Studio for clients in the region. Our social studio implementation services cover the entire spectrum of integration and enablement activities, including but not limited to:

We commonly being asked “do we need Pardot or Marketing Cloud?”. We believe Salesforce Pardot offers an optimal combination of features, ease of use and price for small medium size businesses. Whereas, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a more complex tool, but it offers unprecedented level of functionality.


  • Social studio configuration – Implement and configure social studio to analyse, publish and engage social trends, conversation and customer behaviour for your social brand.
  • Service cloud integration – By combining the power of Service Cloud with Salesforce Social Studio, social customer care requests are handled in an efficient way. Leveraging social automate as the rule engine to convert post, comments into cases can prove to be a vital framework for our social customer service platform clients.
  • Chatbot plug-ins – Enhance your social reach with chatbot to enrich customer experience and automate and streamline customer requests. Digital Aquila can deliver quick and easy chatbot solution in conjunction with social studio offerings to further better customer experience.
  • Reporting & Dashboards – Connect social studio with third party reporting tools to get the most out of social media reporting, we can help integrate social studio with reporting tools like Tableu or clickview to track the ROI.
  • Command center – Delivering the best and most of salesforce solution, we further extend our offerings to help configure command center for clients. Helping clients track digital engagements through real-time monitoring of social media trends.

How can we help?

Our team of certified Social Studio consultants, realizes that success is a journey not a destination. We see the implementation of Salesforce Social Studio as a set of building blocks to create an optimised experience, delivering outstanding outcomes. It’s a way of getting more out of your Salesforce Platform.

With the right strategy and partner, you can identify, track and influence your social audience early in the communication cycle and empower your business to be across social world changes.

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