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Digital Aquila has been founded and managed by people who value good customer service and have in-depth understanding of the technology they implement for their customers.

Tim Musaev

Tim has been in digital and ICT space for the last 10 years, his vision and hardworking personality enabled him to establish Digital Aquila

Azamat Abdullaev
Operations Manager

Azam has extensive experience delivering high-profile  projects in the range of industries. 

Andy Reznik
Practice Lead & Solutions Architect

Andy has over 15 yeas experience designing and delivering large scale Salesforce & IT projects in the range of industries. 

Anush Bikasien
Project Manager & Customer Success

It's a privilege to assist with Project Management & Lead the Customer Success function for Digital Aquila across US, Australia and Europe 

Praveen Singh
Solutions Architect
Technology leader and cloud solutions expert with proven abilities to execute a strategic vision.
Alex Martin
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
Alex is an experienced and focused Marketing Cloud consultant and e-mail specialist
Darya Tigunova
Business Analyst / Project Manager

I am a team-oriented, detail-centered, business analyst who is excited and strong in the full stack of application design with a strength on the client side.

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