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Sometimes data extensions require quick actions. A use case can be: urgently adding subscribers to send a campaign, delete particular fields from a DE or optimize DE to allow query to run more efficient. The tool enables you to do it in a very efficient manner, no need to wait for DE to load, no need to wait for slow user interface to refresh – do all these activities on the go.

Productivity tool

The tool enables you to take control of your data extensions quickly and easily. it offers easy to use user interface, great feature set and works using Salesforce Marketing Cloud APIs.

Why do you need this tool

Tool can be used by both end users and consulting partners to manage data extensions on customer instances. It comes especially handy on instances when there is an extensive list of data extensions and it requires constant modifications/changes in a very efficient manner.

The following features are currently available:

  • Create Data Extensions
  • Manage Data Extensions
  • Change fields and fields types
  • Update records within Data Extensions

  • Batch delete entries
  • Upload data extensions structures
  • Extract and migrate data
  • Ingest data

Continues improvement of the tool

We keep the tool up to date and make sure that it works with latests releases of the marketing cloud and utilizes the latest APIs capabilities offered.

Our go to market approach means that we can work on specific feature requests and produce custom version of the application based on the specific needs. Please reach out to us with any questions.

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