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Request A Free Salesforce Marketing Cloud Diagnostic

Marketing Cloud diagnostic from Digital Aquila will review,  analyze and highlight any areas within Marketing Cloud instance that need to be fixed, improved or optimized so you can optimize the platform and maximize your ROI.

Included in the free Marketing Cloud review:

  • Technical setup and enablement
  • Integration & synchronization issues with other platforms, including Salesforce CRM
  • Campaign best practices
  • ROI tracking enablement
  • Subscribers insights and reporting
  • Unsubscribe process
  • Bounced contacts
  • Database clean-up
  • Journeys optimization
  • And more…

Following the diagnostic, we can talk about how we can address each recommendation. We’re happy to support you as much or as little as you would like.

Our support plans can help you to have ongoing support when most needed.

What are the benefits?

Highlight Underutilized Marketing Cloud Features

It’s best strongly recommend to professionally analyze your Marketing Cloud instance at least once every year and our free Marketing Cloud diagnostic offer is perfect for highlighting the functions you should be using and things you shouldn’t be doing. Do you have many inactive contacts? Do you use landing pages? Do you have incomplete data? Sending generic emails? We can help

Create A Digital Roadmap

The most valuable part of the free Marketing Cloud diagnostic is the recommendations and roadmap approach. We will compile an easy list of to-do’s and don’ts for you to work on with your own team and maybe you’ll outsource the difficult parts to us. We can support you as much or as little you need.

Ensuring technical optimization

As part of the free diagnostic, we make sure all of the technical elements of Marketing Cloud are set up and working according to the best practices. It’s important for email deliverability, compliance and ROI. If there’s a problem, we’ll find it and let you know

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