The Key Qualities To Consider In A Salesforce Consultancy Agency

salesforce consultancy agency

Salesforce consulting is slowly becoming a norm in the tech industry. And as more and more businesses recognize the importance of excellent customer service in building a brand, the need to have a salesforce team in the company is also strongly considered.

Whether an organization is just starting out and is in need of a salesforce consultant to handle the onboarding process or has a special project that needs the expertise of these professionals in terms of customization, a salesforce consulting firm can provide support in many ways.

So read more as we are going to tackle the key qualities you need to consider in picking up a salesforce consultancy agency in today’s entry.

1. Salesforce Consultancy Agency Certifications

First and foremost, a salesforce consulting partner of your choice must possess several certifications to prove their proficiencies in their field of expertise. So be sure to ask the potential consultant about the kind of certifications they have earned. A few certifications that are needed for most projects in any companies include:

  • Certified administrator
  • Sales cloud consultant
  • Service cloud consultant
  • Community cloud consultant
  • Certified platform developer
  • Integration architecture designer
  • Data architecture & management designer
  • Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Pardot Consultant

2. Must Have A Deep Understanding Of The Client’s Business

The main reason why you are partnering with a salesforce consulting firm is to solve any problems in your organization and provide the best solution possible. So it’s very crucial that they should be able to understand what your company is trying to accomplish in terms of the project or task that is being assigned to them.

3. Creative Problem Solving Capabilities

One essential skill that you have to look for is if they are able to customize through creative problem-solving. Your company’s issues are different from other organizations. In short, they must have a unique approach to dealing with your company’s problems.

Moreover, you also have to evaluate their capabilities in the following areas:

  • Integrative and holistic approach in solving issues.
  • Open to considering different avenues that can come up with an effective solution.
  • The solutions provided must also be cost-effective.

4. Onboarding Process

The prospect salesforce consulting firm must have a clear layout of the entire onboarding process. So don’t hesitate to ask questions if they have a well-defined process from the initial engagement to the success evaluation and ongoing support.

5. A Long-Term Partner And A Trusted Advisor For Your Company

And finally, a potential salesforce consultancy agency is someone that you can work with as a long-term partner. In other words, they have what it takes to gain your trust as they can provide practical advice on any salesforce issues that may come up in the future.

Sure you are going to acquire their service now for a single project, but you also need to recognize that more and more projects will arise as your business will scale up. So choose a partner who can continuously deliver as your company grows.