Slack-Salesforce Integration

Many companies today use Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) for external communication and Slack for internal messaging.

I have found a few cases when both products can be integrated solving some communication problems in companies.

Case 1

A Telesales company is running a marketing campaign, sending emails promoting a new product.

As soon as campaign emails are sent to their customers, they want to notify their Telesales Call centre to be prepared for increase of number of calls related to the promoted product. All call centre employees use a Slack marketing channel. An integration component used inside marketing cloud automation allows SFMC to send a message to call centre people who use Slack marketing channel.

A Slack communication channel will be used instead of email channel, saving communication cost.

Case 2

SFMC is in a waiting mode waiting for  customer complaints. It triggers the Marketing automation. If the number of complaints exceeds a threshold, a disaster message is generated and is sent to Disaster notification Slack channel members. No emails are used in this example.

There are more use cases, it can be an effective tool for internal marketing and communication.

How to implement integration?

The integration is based on the Slack  REST API. It is used as SFMC automation component to send a message from Salesforce marketing cloud.

Some Slack configuration work is also required. A slack application which should communicate with SFMC should be created and accepted by Slack channel admin.

Other steps to be undertaken on Slack side are described in the Slack integration documentation available on their website,

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